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Hughesnet Gen5 Helps Wyoming Stay Connected

People who live in rural areas often experience beautiful views and fresh air, a lifestyle they wouldn't trade for anything. Part of living in a remote area, however, is that you generally have fewer choices for fast Internet service. Hughesnet Gen5 brings super-fast satellite Internet service to people throughout Wyoming.

Hughesnet Gen5 is the latest edition of satellite Internet service from Hughes, the nation's number one satellite Internet provider. Rather than designated specific geographic areas in which they offer service, Gen5 has coverage across the entire continental United States. As long as you have a clear view of the sky, you have access to Hughes' fastest-ever satellite Internet service.

As the least populous state in the United States, Wyoming is quite familiar with rural areas. There's the famous Yellowstone National Park, scenic rivers, and of course plenty of open ranges. Many Internet providers don't have service in these areas, due to certain physical limitations. Because Hughesnet Gen5 is operated via satellites, you have a signal virtually anywhere in Wyoming.

Share photos of the Casper skyline, follow your favorite national news organizations on Twitter, and exchange emails with family and friends. Do these things and more with Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet in Wyoming. Call today to get started!

Gen5 plans at a glance

With four great options available, Hughes makes it easy for Wyoming residents to pick the right Gen5 plan. 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB have increasing amounts of speed and power, with each one designed to fit a different type of online lifestyle. Will your Internet use be casual (15 GB), heavy (100 GB), or somewhere in between (30 GB or 50 GB)? Choose the plan that's best for you!

After choosing a plan, you'll decide whether to purchase or lease a satellite dish. Purchasing may be a better long-term financial decision, while leasing minimized upfront costs.

Finally, schedule an appointment for a trained Hughesnet professional in Wyoming to come to your home and set up your service. Before leaving, the installer will ensure you're up and running. After that, you're all set. Just sit back and enjoy your super-fast Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet service.

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