HughesNet Keeps You Connected

  • Stay connected while loving where you live

    It’s your life. Enjoy online connectivity in any of the 48 beautiful contiguous states with HughesNet's satellite Internet service.

  • Get more done with faster Internet

    Browse your favorite sites. Shop online. Stream rich media. HughesNet's high-speed Internet lets you do it all.

  • Have peace of mind while online

    All HughesNet plans include data encryption and email spam and virus filtering to help protect you while online.

  • Take comfort in 24/7 customer support

    Click, call, or email for professional and reliable HughesNet customer support any time you need it.

HughesNet Plans

Up to 15 Mbps Download1

Up to 2 Mbps Download

SmartBrowsing™ is a technology available on certain plans and in select areas that allows you to continue emailing and browsing even if your monthly Data Allowance has been exceeded.

Powerful Plans for Super-Fast Internet

Whether you are a light browser or a power user, there's a HughesNet plan that suits your high-speed Internet needs. Choose one that matches your online lifestyle and budget!

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Do More Online With
HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet is better than ever thanks to the dramatically improved performance and high-bandwidth application support of HughesNet Gen4, the fourth-generation of high-speed satellite Internet service. Surf, download, email, shop, you name it—do it all with HughesNet Gen4!

Tools That Improve
Performance & More

Take HughesNet's high-speed Internet service to the next level with SmartTechnologies, included FREE with your plan.

  • Load Web pages faster for better browsing
  • Shrink Web data so you can do more online
  • Monitor your Web usage for more control

FCC Ranks HughesNet
Gen4 #1

The FCC conducted a study of leading Internet service providers, and HughesNet Gen4 received top marks for delivering advertised speeds! In fact, HughesNet Gen4 service ranks first among all major Internet service providers for delivering on advertised performance promises.*

Enjoy a better satellite Internet experience today!

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A Legacy of Leadership

For over 40 years, Hughes has been at the forefront of satellite communication technology, building the largest tried-and-true satellite Internet network in North America. This investment and dedication to innovation, along with outstanding customer satisfaction, make HughesNet America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet.

Sky High Praise from HughesNet Customers

Over 1 million subscribers enjoy HughesNet as their satellite Internet service of choice. Here’s what they have to say:

The HughesNet Gen4 service we just installed is a major improvement for satellite Internet. It is about 15 times faster than the old service and has made my Internet use much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for providing such a great Internet service.

Mark - LA

...Everybody I dealt with in getting Internet set up was just fantastic and very professional and helpful. They made doing business with HughesNet a pleasure.

Enda - TN

A Tradition of Excellence

In more ways than one, HughesNet stands out above other satellite Internet services and providers.

Advanced Technology. Simplified.

Satellite Internet sounds high-tech, but the science behind it is very down-to-earth.
Here’s how HughesNet is delivered to your home.

  • 1. From your home to space

    A request for a website is beamed from your home satellite to a satellite some 22,000 miles in space.

  • 2. From space to the Internet

    That same satellite sends a beam back down to the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC), which locates the requested website servers on the Internet.

  • 3. And back again

    The website servers then send the site data back along the same path all the way to your home. Despite the distance, the entire process only takes a
    fraction of a second!

  • Free Up Your Phone

    Unlike dial-up, HughesNet service allows you to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time.

  • Worry-free Installation

    A professional, certified HughesNet installer will handle your installation. You’ll be online in no time.

  • Unbeatable Availability

    Available virtually everywhere in the United States, HughesNet is even in places cable and DSL don’t reach.

  • Affordable Internet

    Don’t spend on disappointing speeds and unreliable equipment. HughesNet plans and equipment are built for you.