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Enjoy Hughesnet Gen5 Satellite Internet in Vermont

Even in a state as small as Vermont, there are lots of rural areas. While some internet service providers don't have coverage in many of these remote locations, Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet has coverage essentially everywhere in Vermont1.

Gen5 is the most recent generation of satellite Internet from Hughes, and brings super-fast Internet throughout Vermont. You can browse the Web, download music, and share photos, no matter what part of the state you live in. So even if you don't live in the heart of Burlington or Montpelier, you still have access to fast, reliable Internet.

Using Gen5 satellite Internet

Some rural Internet services limit what you can do online, simply because their technology can't support more advanced applications. Hughesnet Gen5 lets you do more of the things you enjoy online, without worrying about the quality of your Internet.

Email family members that don't live in Vermont, watch highlights from the Vermont Catamounts' basketball game, or update your personal blog for your friends to see what you've been up to. From social networking to music downloading, Gen5 supports your important online activities.

Don’t let living in rural Vermont keep you from the Internet speeds you're looking for. Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet brings you high quality Internet regardless of your Internet. Call today to get started!

Gen5 plans built for you

If you don't use the Internet the same way as your neighbor, why should you sign up for the same plan as him? Hughesnet Gen5 abandons one-size-fits-all plans and offers four unique plans on super-fast satellite Internet. Here is a brief look at the Gen5 plans available in Vermont:

Whichever plan you choose, a trained Hughesnet professional will come to your home in Vermont and set up your Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet service.

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