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Tennessee Stays Connected with Hughesnet

The strength of your Internet service shouldn't be determined by where you live. Hughes understands the importance of providing quality Internet service to people in rural areas. With Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet, you get strong, reliable service virtually anywhere in Tennessee.

Hughesnet Gen5 is the latest generation of satellite Internet from the country's leading satellite Internet provider. With faster speeds than previous versions of Hughesnet, Gen5 lets you get more out of your Internet. Play games, stream videos, and share music with your friends, all from whatever part of Tennessee you call home.

Whether you're straddling the Virginia state line in Bristol, or you live closer to Memphis, you get the same strong Internet service. Book tickets to a country music concert in Nashville, or keep up with breaking news about Tennessee Volunteers football. Hughesnet Gen5 gives you the power to do the things you want online, without worrying about coverage.

How does Hughesnet work?

Hughesnet requires nothing more than a satellite dish and a clear view of the sky to bring you service. Using a network of satellites in space, your dish transmits a signal through a process that takes a fraction of a second. So when you type in a Web address from Tennessee, that request is granted from space almost instantly. That's the power of Gen5.

Satellite Internet deals anywhere in Tennessee

Gen5 Internet comes in several different plans in Tennessee, with each one aimed at a different type of Internet usage. Here is a brief overview of the four plans:

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