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Hughesnet Gen5 Changes the Satellite Internet Game in Pennsylvania

Each year, more and more people consider a home Internet service to be a utility. Rather than treating it as a luxury item, many people put Internet right behind water, gas, and electricity when setting up their homes.

With Internet being so important to you and your family, you deserve a strong, reliable service. Hughesnet® Gen5, the 5th generation satellite Internet service from Hughes®, is designed to bring fast Internet service throughout Pennsylvania. By choosing Hughesnet as your Internet service, you don't have to worry about cable or DSL internet service providers not having service in your area.

Add a fast Internet service to your beautiful home in the Poconos, and keep in touch with friends and family back in the city. From the outskirts of Philadelphia to the shores of Lake Erie, Hughesnet Gen5 has you covered. Send and receive emails, update your Facebook status, watch the latest viral video on YouTube, stay up to date with the latest news on your beloved Steelers, and much more, all from your house.

The benefit of making Hughes your internet service provider is that you can do all of these things, no matter how rural your neighborhood may be.

A quick look at Gen5 plan options

To give you even more choices, Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet service comes in four different plans. Each of the following plans requires a satellite Internet dish that will be installed by a trained Hughesnet professional in Pennsylvania:

Don't let your address determine where you can or can't get great Internet service. With Hughesnet Gen5 satellite Internet service, you can get a fast, reliable connection anywhere in Pennsylvania.

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