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HughesNet Gen5 Raises the Bar for Satellite Internet in North Carolina

In some areas of North Carolina, your options for quality Internet service can be somewhat limited. Hughes® is committed to providing fast, reliable satellite Internet service to even the most remote parts of the country. That means whether you spend your days soaking up the sun in Nags Head or enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Asheville, you can always get high-speed Internet for your home.

HughesNet® Gen5 is the fifth generation of super-fast satellite Internet service, accessible anywhere in the contiguous United States with a clear view of the southern sky. So even if certain Internet providers don't offer service where you live, you can still do all of your favorite things online. Watch movies, listen to music, and update your blog, no matter what part of North Carolina you call home.

Planning a trip to Charlotte to catch a Hornets game? Search for tickets, book your hotel stay, or even shop for a new Panthers jersey, all at super-fast speeds. Where you live in North Carolina shouldn't keep you from having a great Internet service. With HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet, you'll get exactly that.

Choose the best HughesNet Gen5 plan for your home

Are you looking for Internet for a one-bedroom home in Hickory, or your family's cabin in Boone? Regardless of which part of the Tar Heel State you call home, customers in North Carolina have four plan options for Gen5:

  • 10 GB – Perfect for sending emails, browsing the Web, and reading your favorite news sites.
  • 20 GB - Get more data for basic browsing by two users.
  • 30 GB -- Follow the UNC basketball game online, Tweet about your business trip to Raleigh and watch all the popular new YouTube videos.
  • 50 GB -- Do it all online with multiple users and multiple devices. Watch movies on your tablet, play games on your PC, and finish a presentation for work. Do all of this from your home anywhere in North Carolina.

Call today and order your Gen5 plan.

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HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet services employ the use of groundbreaking satellites, which bring you groundbreaking satellite Internet speeds. Faster than any other satellite Internet provider, HughesNet technology can get you online wherever you live.

Affordable Options

Whether it's choosing to lease your satellite Internet equipment instead of buying it, or choosing one of the HughesNet plans, affordable options are everywhere you turn.

Unbeatable Availability

Every state in the continental U.S. has access to fast speeds and the reliability of HughesNet services — including those hard-to-reach rural areas. Live where you want and get online how you want thanks to HughesNet.