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Hughesnet Gen5 Brings Faster, More Functional Internet Service To New Hampshire

Hughes® has more than 40 years of experience in satellite communications, but it’s our vision of striving to meet the needs and demands of our customers beyond today that keeps us growing.

Hughes has invested more than $1 billion in satellite communications innovation. This media-rich world is evolving every day, and Hughesnet® Gen5 stays a step ahead. This means quick downloads, fast browsing, and the freedom to have the Internet the way you want.

Whether you’re checking ski conditions at Waterville Valley or looking up the fishing report for the Connecticut River, speed and reliability matter in New Hampshire. Hughesnet Gen5 plans, powered by the integration of our new cutting-edge satellite into our network, have faster speeds and more data capacity than before .

This means your high-bandwidth applications – the videos you share, the music you listen to – download and upload more quickly. Better connectivity – with our technology, know-how and customer support – gives you more of what you need from your Internet experience.

In Berlin or Concord, at Dartmouth College or Plymouth State University, you can depend on Hughesnet Gen5 for fast, reliable Internet.

Finding The Right Hughesnet Gen5 Plan

Households with many Web-enabled devices need more download capacity. With movies streaming, music playing and files loading, the 100 GB or 50 GB plans carry the data you’re after.

Need fast, dependable access to your email, online banking and newsfeeds? The 15 GB and 30 GB plans deliver. They allow for quick browsing so you can get on with your day, whether that includes ice fishing, snowmobiling or a day at the Hopkinton State Fair.

Which plan fits best? Call and speak to one of our representatives to discover your best satellite Internet service option!

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