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Hughesnet Gen5 Delivers Speedy, Dependable Satellite Internet in Nevada

Hughesnet® stays a step ahead in the world of satellite Internet. What does that mean? Quicker Web browsing and faster downloads – for your videos in Vegas, movies in Reno or photos from your trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway in a media-rich world.

With the scope and power of Hughesnet Gen5, Nevadans stay connected, whether you’re buying race tickets for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or looking up the schedule for your favorite minor-league baseball team. Having Hughesnet Gen5 on your side brings a network of high-capacity satellites, superior engineering and excellent customer support so that you get what you want out of your Internet experience.

This means less waiting for downloads. Get your email, your news, your videos, pictures and music more quickly, anywhere in Nevada, any time. High-bandwidth applications, such as movies and voice calls, are yours. It’s part of what makes Hughesnet the #1 choice for satellite Internet.

So makes plans for Nevada Day, the Carson City Wine Walk or the Elko Festival of Trees by reserving your hotel room, finding driving directions, and checking out photos and videos, with the speed and data of Hughesnet Gen5.

The right fit of Hughesnet Gen5 plans

How does your family use the Web?

If your house lights up with glass screens from multiple Web-ready devices, from desktops to laptops to tablets, 100 GB is a fit, with excellent download capacity to handle heavy downloading. The 100 GB and 50 GB plans bring the muscle you’ll need, so that you get your photos, movies and video clips in a flash.

If your idea of Internet use revolves around checking email, paying bills and a little social media interaction, look to the 15 GB or 30 GB plan. You’re online, quickly and easily, freeing up your time for a picnic on Sand Harbor, casting a line in the Carson River or a trip to the Strip.

Which plan fits best? Find out, with a little help from a knowledgeable representative, today.

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