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Mississippi: Make the Most of Your Online Experience With Hughesnet Gen5

High-bandwidth applications –making online phone calls, downloading music, sharing photos – are fast with speeds up to 25Mbps1 with Hughesnet Gen5. In remote locations where Internet options are minimal, Hughes powers satellite Internet service that allows you to do more online. Download photos from your trip to the Hattiesburg Zoo, shop for Ole Miss football tickets, and connect with friends and family anywhere on social media with America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet.

The new EchoStar XIX high-capacity satellite enables an upgraded Internet experience all over Mississippi, no matter where you call home, with Hughesnet Gen5.

From Corinth to Bay St. Louis, Woodville to Columbus, where cable and DSL providers sometimes lack the framework to serve you to offer you service, Hughesnet Gen5 delivers, with better performance, faster speeds and higher download capacity than ever before.

Hughes brings 40 years of experience in satellite communications, with a $1 billion investment in satellite technology, to stay a step ahead of the competition. With Hughesnet Gen5, you get the data capacity and improved performance you demand. This means you can use the Web the way you need to – to blog, shop and update your fantasy sports teams, or for more media-rich uses, such as Web casts and gaming.

Make the Right Choice: 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, or 100 GB?

The plan that is best for you depends on how your family uses the Internet. Frequent movie and music downloads require the strength of the 30 GB or 50 GB plan. The 100 GB plan has more download speed and data capacity to fit well the family with many devices.

The 15 GB plan has you covered if your usage is less about downloading, and more about updating social media, perusing recipes and sending email.

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