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Hughesnet Gen5 keeps Massachusetts a Step Ahead

Hughes, with forward thinking and $1 billion in innovation invested in satellite communication, leads the way for Internet service in Massachusetts. From Berkshire Hills to Cape Cod, Hughesnet covers you, where you live, with dependable Internet service.

Hughesnet Gen5 delivers the Internet the way you need it. With so much at our fingertips today online– movie and music downloads, photo sharing, and gaming – quick, reliable service is a must. Hughesnet Gen5 as speed up to 25Mbps1, so your photos from Fenway Park and videos from Martha’s Vineyard are shared quickly and dependably, no matter where you call home.

As America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet, Hughes works with the best in advanced satellite delivery, cutting-edge hardware and high-quality in-home devices. We’re on top of technological advances, and understand what you’re looking for in an Internet provider.

At your house, that means quick page loads, even when your daughter is watching a movie. It means no interruptions on your Web cast while your son downloads music.

Hughesnet Gen5 fits your family. All that’s left is to pick a plan.

The plans that fit: 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB

Whether you’re printing boarding passes for a flight from Logan International, purchasing tickets to see the Patriots, or planning a trip to Plymouth Plantation, the Prime plan has the speed you need.

For downloading heft, the 30 GB or 50 GB plan offers more bandwidth for quicker loads. Families that access the Web from a host of devices will find the 100 GB plan provides a smoother Internet experience for everyone.

Call today, and an experienced representative will help you choose the right plan for you. Pick your plan, today!

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