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Hughesnet Has What Maine Wants In Satellite Internet Service

Hughesnet stays a step ahead in the satellite Internet business. It starts with forward thinking and innovation, and continues with providing what Mainers want most online: Smooth, dependable Internet, whether you’re checking social media in Biddleford or researching for a paper at the University of Southern Maine.

Today’s Internet user often needs extra bandwidth. We download movies. We check out video clips. We turn to the Internet for music. Sometimes, we just need to check Maine Pirates’ schedule, grab a lobster recipe for dinner tonight or plan a visit to Acadia National Park this weekend.

You don’t want to worry about bandwidth to support a lifestyle of diverse download needs. Hughesnet Gen5 delivers the improved performance and dependability you demand from your Internet provider, with speeds up to 25Mbps1.

That boost in data capacity and scope means from Rumford to Eastport, Fort Kent to Kittery, you have America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet in Hughesnet.

Forty years in satellite communications. A $1 billion investment in innovation. Plans to fit your needs. For Internet service, Hughesnet has what you’re looking for.

Plans designed to fit: 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB

Hughesnet Gen5 plans cover your needs. Does your family download movies and music? 30 GB or 50 GB has the data capacity for you. Some families connect on a variety of devices. For you, the 100 GB plan offers the bandwidth to support everyone’s browsing habits.

Hughesnet understands some users simply want Web access. For shopping, email and a little social media interaction, the 15 GB plan has just what you need.

An experienced Hughesnet representative would be happy to help you choose the right plan, so call us today!

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