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HughesnetGen5: Internet Service for Homes Across Kentucky

The Bluegrass State might officially be the Commonwealth of Kentucky, but there’s nothing common about it. Such a unique state needs a unique Internet service. That’s where Hughesnet® Gen5 comes in.

Whether you live in the Western Coal Fields or make your home in the Cumberland Plateau, a high-speed Internet service is a must. Hughesnet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet service, and offers Kentucky residents fast speeds and outstanding data capacity.

In areas of Kentucky where the lights from cities are muted and the light from the stars is abundant, the less likely it is your home is eligible for cable or DSL Internet service. Hughesnet Gen5 is available in every part of Kentucky, from horse farms in the Bluegrass Region to swamps in Jackson Purchase.

That means you have fast, reliable and secure Internet service for any kind of online task. Look up restaurants in Lexington in seconds. Download a video on how bourbon is made without having to worry about losing your signal. Easily upload pictures from the Kentucky Wildcats game. Accomplish any online task with Hughesnet.

Get HughesGen5 for your home: Internet service plans

Families in Kentucky have different interests, and need an Internet service plan that accommodates those interests.

The 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB plans each have something to offer.

If you want to send birthday emails to friends, do your Christmas shopping online, look up recipes for July 4th or plan a lake trip for Labor Day, the 15 GB plan or the 30 GB plan is a great match. Easily accomplish simple online tasks with these plans.

If you need to watch an online stream of the Kentucky Derby, 50 GB offers speeds that match those of the racers. Real-time applications and turn-based games are no problem for this plan.

Is your home full of laptops or PCs? The 100 GB plan is great for families that are up to their ears in technology and need enough data to accommodate everyone’s online activities. 100 GB boasts the most data capacity of any of the Hughesnet Gen5 plans.

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