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Internet Service is Blooming in the Sunflower State: Hughesnet Gen5

Finding reliable and fast Internet service in Kansas isn’t always easy. Vast rural areas cover much of the Sunflower State, and cable and DSL Internet providers can’t always offer service. Kansans need an Internet service that can accommodate their needs, no matter where they live.

Hughesnet® Gen5 satellite Internet service is available to all towns in every county in Kansas, as long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

What makes Hughesnet America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet service?

Which Hughesnet Gen5 plan is right for you?

Kansans need fast Internet service for everything from uploading photos to downloading music. Hughes offers plans to cover any of your online needs.

If you need to do basic online tasks like download tickets to a Jayhawks game, send emails to friends about setting up a tailgate or update your Facebook status to say you’re at the game, the 15 GB plan is a great option. This plan supports the most basic functions, so you don’t have to pay for data you won’t use.

Some Kansans are tech junkies, with laptops, tablets and PCs under the same roof. The 100 GB plan is the Hughesnet Gen5 plan with the most data capacity, for heavy tasks like downloading full-length movies.

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