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Internet Service For the Hawkeye State: HughesNet Gen5

Iowa is known as America’s Heartland, and for good reason. With advanced manufacturing, clean energy production and booming agriculture, Iowans help keep America on its feet. To stay at the top, Iowans need to have high-speed Internet service, which unfortunately isn’t always available in rural areas.

Satellite Internet is a fantastic option for high-speed Internet service in areas where cable and DSL aren’t available. HughesNet® is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet, and has what Iowans are looking for.

  • A reliable Internet connection. HughesNet satellite Internet service offers an always-on connection. That simply means that your computer is always connected without having to dial-in or use your phone line.
  • A dedicated team. Hughes invented satellite Internet, and boasts more than 40 years of experience in satellite communications. Our new satellite developments give HughesNet Gen5 speeds of 25 Mbps1 with more data capacity.
  • Affordable plans. From Spencer down to Burlington, families have different lifestyles and different budgets. Hughes knows that Internet isn’t one-size-fits-all, and offers four Gen5 plans to accommodate your needs.

Pick your HughesNet Gen5 plan!

Looking to plan a trip to Adventureland in Altoona? Or take a long weekend at a resort in Loess Hills? Maybe even head to Davenport to watch the Quad City Air Show?

To plan a trip without any stress, a high-speed Internet service is a must. HughesNet Gen5 plans get you online fast.

Choose from the 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB plans.

50 GB is the most advanced HughesNet Gen5 plan. This plan has the highest level of data capacity for large downloads, like full-length movies.

30 GB is a scaled-down version of 50 GB. This plan is great for interactive applications like turn-based gaming.

For a more basic online approach, HughesNet offers Iowans the 10 GB and 20 GB plans. Get online easily to check email, upload photos and keep up to date with breaking news.

Iowans deserve fast Internet, no matter if you live in Des Moines, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Ottumwa or Red Oak. Call today to get high-speed Internet service from HughesNet!

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HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet services employ the use of groundbreaking satellites, which bring you groundbreaking satellite Internet speeds. Faster than any other satellite Internet provider, HughesNet technology can get you online wherever you live.

Affordable Options

Whether it's choosing to lease your satellite Internet equipment instead of buying it, or choosing one of the HughesNet plans, affordable options are everywhere you turn.

Unbeatable Availability

Every state in the continental U.S. has access to fast speeds and the reliability of HughesNet services — including those hard-to-reach rural areas. Live where you want and get online how you want thanks to HughesNet.