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Hughesnet Gen5: Great Internet Service for the Hoosier State

Indiana is no stranger to competition, as home to many major sporting teams and events. It should be no surprise that Internet providers are all competing to be Indiana’s #1 choice. When it comes to satellite Internet in Indiana, Hughesnet® is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet.

In some parts of Indiana, high-speed Internet isn’t always readily available. Hughesnet Gen5 is. Our smart and savvy satellite technology makes our Internet service available coast to coast.

Hughesnet Gen5 plans, developed from the 5th-generation Internet service from Hughes®, have speeds of 25 Mbps1 with more data capacity.

Faster speeds mean finding out the Colts’ home schedule easier. Faster speeds mean finding directions to Bloomington in seconds. Faster speeds mean looking up flights out of Indianapolis International Airport without the hassle.

More data capacity means downloading full-length movies, playing turn-based games and downloading music, videos, photos and more.

The only thing you need to decide is which Hughesnet Gen5 plan fits your Indiana lifestyle the best.

Satellite Internet plans for every Indiana time zone

You like watching movies online, your son might like online gaming and your daughter might constantly be Tweeting. Families need an Internet service plan that satisfies everyone’s online activities. Hughesnet offers four Gen5 plans to residents in Indiana:

  1. The 15 GB plan is the most basic Hughesnet Gen5 plan. This is a great option if you only get online occasionally to check email, partake in social media, read news headlines and just keep in touch with family and friends.
  2. 30 GB and 50 GB are a step up from the 15 GB plan. More data capacity accommodates turn-based gaming and interactive applications.
  3. The 100 GB plan is ideal for families in Idaho that get online often and through many different mediums at once, like laptops and PCs. With the most data, this plan can handle content-heavy downloads like full-length movies.

Don’t waste time wondering if a high-speed Internet service is available in your Indiana neighborhood. Call today to get Hughesnet in your home!

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