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Hughesnet: Superior Internet Service for The First State

If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you know that when cold weather hits, having indoor activities is a must. Hughesnet® Gen5 is a reliable, secure and super-fast Internet service that you can count on no matter what time of year.

Hughesnet Gen5 has what other Internet providers in Delaware don’t: an extensive coverage area.

Satellite Internet is a great choice for those areas in Delaware that aren’t in the coverage are of cable or DSL Internet providers. Hughesnet is available to families from Wilmington to Dover to Laurel.

That means if you want to take your out-of-town family down to visit Rehoboth Beach, you can effortlessly download directions and look up restaurants. When you get back home, use our fast upload speeds to load photos from the trip and quickly email them to family and friends.

You should have high-speed Internet service no matter where you choose to live in Delaware. With Hughesnet Gen5, you can live wherever you want knowing that high-speed satellite Internet service is just a phone call away.

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Internet service can be expensive, which is frustrating if you don’t have a plan that is exactly what you’re looking for. Hughes has developed four Hughesnet Gen5 plans that cater to the needs of different online users.

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