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Hughesnet Gen5 Covers Colorado from the Rockies to the Eastern Plains

Hughesnet® Gen5 gives Coloradans an excellent option for satellite Internet service, no matter where you live – from Julesburg to Ignacio, Dinosaur to Burlington.

Watch videos, download music and play games at speeds of 25 Mbps1. Hughesnet delivers satellite Internet with data capacity once unavailable in many areas. Our 5th-generation service is possible thanks to our high-capacity satellites, knowledgeable customer-service staff and expert engineering.

Watch Broncos highlights, buy Denver Zoo passes, and post photos from your trip to Garden of the Gods. Check ski conditions at Keystone, book a rafting trip on The Ark, or choose a microbrewery to visit in Denver. Hughesnet, America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet, gives you more of what you want. Hughes invested $1 billion in technology to provide this high level of service and remain at the forefront of satellite Internet providers.

The difference is the new EchoStar XIX high-capacity satellite that provides faster speeds and more data.

Winning plans: 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB

Are you online to update your fantasy sports teams, write email and look up easy recipes for the week? Go with the 15 GB plan.

For more download power, 30 GB or 50 GB is the way to go. Movie watchers and music lovers might find the data capacity of this plan just what they need.

For families with multiple devices and heavy downloading habits, 100 GB provides enough data to keep you on social media while the kids listen to music.

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