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Hughesnet Gen5: Superior Satellite Internet Service

Living in Alabama means one thing: football. Whether you live in Gulf Shores or make your home in north of Huntsville, everyone needs to get online to keep tabs on their teams. If you live in Crimson Tide territory near Birmingham or on the rural roads of Opelika outside of Auburn, finding a high-speed Internet connection isn’t always easy.

Hughes® believes that every Alabama family should have access to fast and reliable Internet, which is why our satellite Internet service is available everywhere in the Heart of Dixie.

Need to watch video clips of your favorite SEC football team’s recent win? Hughesnet® Gen5 speeds can download videos in no time.

Need to download an email with your in-laws’ travel plans into Montgomery? Our satellite Internet service wastes no time getting you the information you need.

Want to download music for your road trip to Mobile? Enjoy two times more data capacity than before to ensure you get the most songs on your iPod.

Powerful Internet service plans: 15 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB

Just like an important game plan is integral to win a game, a great Internet plan is integral to keeping your life on track. Hughesnet Gen5 plans have the speed and the data capacity to handle the busiest of Alabama families.

Choosing a plan is easy once you know what you need. Instead of looking for a plan that you have to mold to, look for one that molds to your family.

If your kids like interactive games and downloading movies, then the 100 GB plan is great because it has the most data capacity. If your Alabama home is an empty nest, a smaller-capacity plan like 15 GB or 30 GB would suit you best.

Even though the heat in Alabama is sweltering, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff if you have Hughesnet Gen5. Call today to get started with Hughesnet.

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