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Experience Stellar Service with HughesNet Gen4

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Getting online is more than just a task, it's an experience. HughesNet Gen4 gives you the experience of getting online fast, even if you live in a rural area with limited Internet options.

HughesNet Gen4 is the fourth generation of satellite Internet service from Hughes that is available in the contiguous United States. If you live in an area serviceable by HughesNet Gen4, your family will benefit from speeds up to 15Mbps1 with HughesNet Gen4. Faster speeds mean less time waiting and more time doing. It's time you did more with HughesNet Gen4.

The HughesNet difference: HughesNet Gen4 service plans

People use the Internet for everything from researching new recipes to drafting business proposals. Some like to watch movies and download music while others prefer to just check email and browse online retailers. HughesNet Gen4 has a plan for everyone.

Factors that can help you choose a HughesNet Gen4 plan include:

  • How often you get online. If you're online from sunup to sundown, you need a HughesNet plan that can accommodate heavy bandwidth. If you prefer to get online periodically throughout the day, then a plan that handles low volume would work well for you.
  • What you intend to do online. If you love to watch videos and movies, download music and share photos, then a plan with faster upload and download speeds would suit your needs best. If you like to casually browse different sites and perform simple tasks like checking email for the most part, then your needs probably don't require the fastest plan.


Leasing the equipment helps you save money upfront (upfront equipment fee waived), while purchasing equipment means it is yours permanently. HughesNet requires professional installation from a certified HughesNet installation professional. In many cases, free standard installation is available.2 Call one of our representatives today to learn more about the HughesNet installation process.


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