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HughesNet Frequently Asked Questions

How satellite Internet works

  1. First, when you type in a URL for a website, a request is sent from your computer to a HughesNet satellite in space.
  2. Next, the satellite contacts the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC) to find the website you requested.
  3. Finally, the website sends all the information back through the NOC, to the satellite, back to your computer through your HughesNet satellite dish and modem.

Even though signals are traveling from Earth to space and back again, this whole process only takes a fraction of a second.


Do you have a clear view of the southern sky?

Your location will need an unobstructed path from the satellite antenna to the southern sky in order to send a strong signal. Your local HughesNet-authorized installation professional will be able to check to make sure the path is clear before beginning the installation process.

Have you checked to make sure you know the time and date of your installation?

Double-check your schedule to make sure you don’t have any conflicting appointments, since you need to be in your home during the installation. It’s also important that whoever is home is at least 18 years old.

By being at home during the installation process, you will be able to get direct answers to any questions you have about your HughesNet service.

Is my computer compatible with HughesNet?

Here’s what your computer will need for you to use HughesNet:

A compatible operating system

  • Windows users: Any version that Microsoft supports: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later (Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8).
  • Apple users: Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and later.

Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped)

Most computers manufactured in the past several years have these prerequisites standard, but be sure to check before installation day.

Where do you plan to use your Internet?

In order to access high-speed Internet as soon as possible, your home computer setup will need to be in place prior to installation.

What can I expect the installation process to look like?

First, your local installation professional will mount your satellite dish on an approved structure that is at least 4 feet off the ground. Your technician will do this with either a roof or wall-mounted bracket.

Then, your technician will install a coaxial cable jack in the room where your HughesNet system will be housed. Two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables will be routed from the satellite dish to your coaxial cable jack.

Before your technician leaves, he or she will verify that your satellite signal is in working order and that you will be able to get online without any trouble.

How quickly will I be able to get HughesNet service?

Often, next-day installation is available. Have your sales representative check the availability of next-day installation when you place your order.

What is not included in standard installation?

  • • Mounting to a roof structure that is higher than one story.
  • • Pole mount for cosmetic purposes. A pole mount will only be included in your installation if it is needed to give you a clear view of the southern sky.
  • • Custom work, including moldings or cosmetic hardware to hide cables. Consult with your installation technician before he or she begins working if you have any questions.
  • • The removal of previously mounted equipment. However, this removal or repair may be performed with a signed Waiver of Liability.


Are Macs and PCs compatible with HughesNet?

Windows and Macintosh operating systems are both compatible with HughesNet, although HughesNet has developed these minimum requirements:

  • • Windows 2000 PE or higher (including VISTA), or Mac OS 10.1 or higher
  • • Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped)


What kind of download and upload speeds can I expect with HughesNet service?

There are multiple factors that determine upload and download speeds, including how your computer is configured, the website speeds, and the number of people accessing the network at the same time. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. If you use the Internet during peak hours of the day, you will likely find slower upload and download speeds.

Can I run a VPN over my HughesNet system?

Running a VPN over satellite is not ideal since it can reduce your speeds up to 75%. A VPN is also not compatible with HughesNet’s Basic Service plan.

Time-sensitive applications aren’t recommended. These include twitch gameplay and real-time equities trading.

What does “transmission latency” mean?

Latency refers to the amount of time that it takes for data to travel across a network. The transmission latency for a satellite connection is about a half-second delay, because the data is traveling to space and back.

Can I connect multiple computers to a single HughesNet connection?

Yes, you can connect multiple home computers and laptops to a single

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