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Introducing HughesNet Voice

You know HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. Now HughesNet offers voice services using the same incredible satellite technology. Phone calls are beamed to your home from a satellite in outer space—what could be cooler than that?

How it works

The HughesNet Voice service uses an innovative technology called HughesNet Voice-over-IP (VoIP). HughesNet VoIP technology communicates over the same satellite connection that your HughesNet satellite Internet service uses.

During your installation appointment, a certified HughesNet installation professional will install a device called an ATA (analog telephone adapter) that routes calls through your modem and satellite dish. It’s that simple. Get awesome HughesNet phone features and maintain a flawless high-speed Internet connection at the same time. It won’t influence your Internet’s data allowance and your quality satellite Internet connection won’t be interrupted.

Satellite Internet and satellite voice—a perfect match

Pair HughesNet phone services with your HughesNet high-speed Internet to get a match of home services. Connect your whole home to quality service you trust from HughesNet.

Finding a perfect match can be difficult. With HughesNet satellite Internet and voice, it’s easy. HughesNet Voice is optimized to work perfectly with your HughesNet satellite Internet. It’s a perfect match made exactly for your home. Experience more convenience when you use one great service provider and one satellite to get your home up to speed with the latest technology.

Premium Features

HughesNet Voice comes with free premium home phone features. It’s easy to love, easy to use, and easy to afford. With HughesNet Voice, you get:

  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding with multiple phones
  • Enhanced voicemail (remote access, email and text alerts)
  • Unlimited calling in domestic U.S. and Canada

Plus, you may be able to keep your existing home phone number when you switch to HughesNet Voice. Or choose a new one.

Flexible Plans and Affordable Service

Choose HughesNet Voice and get more options to fit the way you live. Are you a business professional who makes a lot of International phone calls? There’s a plan for you. Are you a college student trying to save money? There’s a plan for you, too. HughesNet Phone plans are flexible enough to match your lifestyle and affordable enough to fit with your budget.

Don’t have satellite Internet? What are you waiting for?

HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. Pair it with HughesNet Voice and hook your home up with incredible savings and quality service from a trusted provider. Save up to 25-35% over traditional landline phone services when you switch to HughesNet.

Check availability of HughesNet Voice in your area today when you call or go online!

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HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet services employ the use of groundbreaking satellites, which bring you groundbreaking satellite Internet speeds. Faster than any other satellite Internet provider, HughesNet technology can get you online wherever you live.

Affordable Options

Whether it's choosing to lease your satellite Internet equipment instead of buying it, or choosing one of the HughesNet plans, affordable options are everywhere you turn.

Unbeatable Availability

Every state in the continental U.S. has access to fast speeds and the reliability of HughesNet services — including those hard-to-reach rural areas. Live where you want and get online how you want thanks to HughesNet.