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HughesNet: Satellite Equipment for the Future

Great satellite Internet service starts with great satellites. That’s why Hughes is devoted to building the best satellites with up-to-date technology and innovative engineering.

Hughes has more than four decades of experience in satellite communications, which is why it is not surprising that America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet is HughesNet®.

Part of what makes HughesNet service so reliable and trustworthy is the equipment.

HughesNet: Satellite Technology Operated by Hughes

HughesNet satellite technology is operated by Hughes, the first to develop and deliver one-way, two-way, and high-capacity Ka-band satellite Internet for consumers.

The technology used for HughesNet is trustworthy and reliable, just like the installation process.

Forward-thinking installation

HughesNet believes that consumers everywhere should be able to get Internet access. Even though Internet technology is constantly changing, you can rely on Hughes to be thinking ahead. That way, we can deliver the best satellite Internet through the best technology and equipment.

Hughes will provide and install any hardware you might need to properly ground your HughesNet system.

Free standard installation is available. Call a friendly and professional HughesNet representative to learn more about equipment and HughesNet plans.

HughesNet satellite Internet fueled by HughesNet equipment

Satellite Internet might sound like a complicated venture, but with innovative HughesNet equipment, it couldn’t be easier. With HughesNet, you even have the option to lease equipment, so you can get great satellite Internet service for an equally great price.

If you have any lingering questions about HughesNet equipment, please give us a call. We would be more than happy to give you a clearer picture of how HughesNet satellite Internet works, tell you about our lease options, and more.

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