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HughesNet Shines In Every Part of Florida

Part of what makes Florida so desirable is the different options. When it comes to Internet service in the Sunshine State, one outshines them all – HughesNet® Gen5.

HughesNet Gen5, the 5th-generation satellite Internet service developed by Hughes®, provides faster speeds of 25 Mbps1, with even more data capacity. For Floridians, that means one thing: more of everything.

What you can do with HughesNet Gen5 Internet service

When you want to take your family on a trip to Epcot, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disneyland or any other famous Florida theme park, the first thing you do is go online.

With a reliable Internet service, you begin to plan your trip by quickly downloading information on hotels, admissions costs and directions. With HughesNet Gen5, easily access your work calendar to schedule your family vacation, upload music for the car ride and download your hotel reservations. When you get back from your trip, upload photos of the kids to social networks and email them to your family and friends. The faster speeds and increased data capacity of HughesNet Gen5 make planning easier than ever.

Choose your HughesNet Gen5 plan

Whether your interest is sports, songs or something in between, our Internet service plans have something for everyone in Florida.

The four HughesNet Gen5 plans each have something to offer.

The 100 GB plan is great for families who love technology – families with more than a few laptops and tablets. This plan has the most data capacity of any of the HughesNet Gen5 plans.

The 50 GB plan is great for posting photos and home videos. This plan is also great for family members who love turn-based gaming and other interactive applications.

The 15 GB and 30 GB plans are great for Florida families simply looking to tackle basic online tasks. Easily and efficiently send and receive emails, update your social network status and upload photos.

Florida residents deserve to have high-speed Internet even in rural areas. Call today to pick out a HughesNet Gen5 plan!

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