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Troubleshooting your HughesNet Equipment

Your HughesNet Internet connection is perfect for you. It’s high-speed, reliable, and affordable.
But sometimes, things happen that are out of your control – and ours. Windy days. Rain storms. Geographical issues.

We want to make sure your HughesNet satellite Internet is always there for you. So here are some troubleshooting FAQs to help get you back on track.

The website I’m on isn’t loading. What should I do?

  • Check the Transmit light on the front panel of your modem (the second light from the top). If it’s blinking quickly, that means it’s in the process of transmitting data. If it’s blinking infrequently, it’s ranging, or measuring the distance to the satellite to calibrate transmission.
  • Check the Receiving light on your modem, right below the Transmit light. If it’s blinking, that means that you’re in the process of receiving data, and your page will load shortly.

My satellite connection has been slower than usual. Why?

First, check inside:

  • Make sure that you’re not connected to a VPN. Connecting to a virtual private network can reduce your Internet speed by 50 to 75 percent. If you must connect to a VPN, be sure to log off as soon as possible to get your high-speed Internet back up and running.
  • Are several people using your network? Too many simultaneous users can reduce the speed of your HughesNet connection.
  • If you’ve gone over your monthly Data Allowance (between 10 and 40GB per month, depending on your plan), your Internet speed could slow down. Keep track of your data usage online at

Then, look outside:

  • Is it windy or storming? Severe weather conditions can affect your Internet connectivity.
  • Is there debris, such as snow or leaves, on your dish? Remove it and re-check your connection.
  • Has your satellite dish been moved? Are there branches or other objects obstructing your dish? Your satellite needs a clear view of the southern sky to connect.

I don’t think my satellite connection is on. How do I check?

  • Check the LAN light on the front panel of your modem (the very top light). If it’s off, that means you are not connected to the Internet or that your device is not working properly.
  • Check the System light on the front panel of your modem (the second one from the bottom). If it’s on, that means that you’re connected to the HughesNet Network Operations Center (NOC). If it’s off, you’re not totally connected, and your satellite connection will not work.
  • If you’re unsure your connection is working, visit to test your connectivity to the HughesNet NOC.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions or if you need technical support from a HughesNet expert, log into your HughesNet account at You can chat with technical support staff for around-the-clock assistance.

Test your connection and speed, and search user help guides. Or you can call your local HughesNet dealer to speak with customer care and technical support by phone.