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Transitioning from the City to the Country—How to Stay Connected

Moving from a metropolitan area to the countryside isn’t always an easy transition. Although the land may be beautiful and the lifestyle may be simpler, there are some drawbacks to that simplicity. For example, you may not be able to pick up a quick carryout dinner when you don’t feel like cooking. Or you may not have a ton of options for shopping.

However, if you stay connected with services like Internet and a home phone, you can find new ways to adapt to your new lifestyle while still being able to chat with friends and family about the transition.

Follow these few steps to make your new country life relaxing, simple, and connected to the rest of the world:

Install Internet service

First things first: it’s time to upload photos of your new home and beautiful, big backyard.  Just hop on Facebook and—wait, no Facebook? If you’re used to readily available technology to keep you connected, you can now easily get connected in no time with the use of satellite technology for your rural home.

In places where DSL and cable providers can’t offer service, look to satellite Internet providers to keep you connected like you were in the city. Even though you may not live in close proximity to a shopping mall, you can certainly shop online with your satellite Internet service. HughesNet satellite Internet offers flexible plans for movers, which can also be paired with other home services.

Update your friends and family

Stay connected with all your family and friends by informing them of your new address, phone number, and where you might be employed. Not only are these great things to pass on for staying in their social loop, but it creates your own sense of community to enjoy. Staying current with friends and family back home will keep you from feeling isolated when you first make the big move from the city to the country.

Learn about your new home

Literally staying connected with your electricity may be an issue if you’re relatively new to the rural home scene. Electrical outages could happen and you might want to learn about the frequency of severe weather, the length of prior outrages, and how common it is to lose power for whatever reason.  Be prepared for these losses of connectivity and learn how to fix or maintain your home’s basic systems before an emergency occurs.