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How to Stay Connected at your Summer Home

If your packing list for vacation includes various tech devices, you’re not alone. More people are staying connected on vacation with Wi-Fi and mobile broadband, and few even consider leaving for vacation without their smartphone.

Technology is an important part of vacationing, even out in rural areas. With Internet technology like HughesNet satellite Internet, you can get connected just about anywhere. From a cabin in the woods to a beachside porch, satellite Internet is available to keep you connected to everything you want online.

Here are a few things you might want on vacation to keep connected to friends and family back home:

Satellite Internet

If you want to be connected to your plugged-in world while on vacation, you will definitely need a reliable Internet connection. Count on satellite Internet to be available where you vacation (with a clear view of the southern sky) and get connected.

Satellite Internet is the best choice for rural vacation homes because it is available anywhere, even where DSL and cable are not. Use the Internet to keep up with work, stay in the know with your social life, or just share your vacation photos with people back home.

Wireless Router

A wireless router is essential to making the most out of your high-speed Internet connection. If you’re on vacation and still want all the convenience of a wireless connection, a wireless router is a necessity.

Wireless routers come in a variety of signal strengths, so choose carefully based on your vacation home’s needs. For example, if you want to use a Wi-Fi signal all the way out on your dock, you might want a router that spans a larger distance.

Wireless Devices

The best thing to pair with your wireless router? A great wireless device. Everyone has their favorite, but here are some popular options for Internet-loving vacationers:

Laptop—The go-to option for most work-heavy Internet activity, laptops can handle downloads of large documents and have the most capacity for saving files.

Tablet—A tablet in the brand of your choice is a high-tech touch version of a computer. Tablets typically use apps to function as smoothly as a laptop.

MP3 Players—Download music, TV shows, music videos, and more on your MP3 player with a wireless Internet connection. The most common brand is Apple’s iPod.

Workout trackers—If you’re an active vacationer and still want to track your workouts while you’re away from home, get a wireless workout tracker. These can vary from apps on your smartphone to wearable wireless devices that track your activity.

Digital Camera—Bring a digital camera along on your trip to capture quality images of your experiences and memories. Many digital cameras now connect to Wi-Fi, which allows you to upload your photos while you’re still on vacation.

Smartphone—If you choose just one wireless device for your trip away from home, chances are it’s probably your smartphone. Use it to surf the web, send emails and texts, or make phone calls.

It’s a good idea to invest in a durable case for any of these devices if you’re outdoors, and make sure you pack all the chargers you need to use your wireless devices.