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Websites You Should Visit Every Day

You probably get online at least once a day. Just a few years ago, we looked for information from the mail we received and the books we read.

Now information we need daily is just clicks away. Read up on current events, chat with family and friends, and research for work or school on websites created for these purposes.

Because there’s something for everyone on the Internet, there’s a lot of everything. To use the Internet as a daily resource, it’s important to find the sites that give you the information you need quickly.

Here are some popular sites that will help you make it through your day socialized and informed.

The websites you need:

To Learn

Navigate the wealth of information available on the Internet by finding a few sites that give your inquiring mind what it needs.


This one is obvious. Most search engine users rely on Google almost exclusively. Google’s results are organized by importance, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


When you search for something in Google, a Wikipedia page will most likely appear near the top of your search. Wikipedia is a collaborative online encyclopedia with pages in hundreds of languages. Just search for a topic in the search bar, and start reading.

TED Talks

Keep curiosity alive with TED, a site devoted to what it calls “ideas worth spreading.” Visit for a variety of talks from influential speakers with lots to say. The topics discussed seem endless.

To Connect

Keep up with your friends and family online. Different social media sites offer different features to users, so explore several to find the sites that work best for you.


Facebook is the most widely used social media site. “Friend” people you know, view their photos, and add some of your own. Keep them informed with status updates and more.


It’s social media in a hurry. Described as a “microblog,” Twitter lets you gain followers and follow your own. Follow friends, family, celebrities, and businesses, and read their 140-character-maximum tweets.


LinkedIn is a professional social media site. Upload your resume and network with professionals in a variety of languages. Connect to find jobs and search for potential employees.

To Stay Informed

NPR isn’t just on the radio anymore. Stay informed on issues and topics with this highly-organized site. Find information about the NPR programs you love and listen to your local NPR station online.


Just as they do with the TV channel, people rely on to bring them up-to-date news about the nation and the world. Use the bar at the top of the site’s home page to navigate or search.

Huffington Post

The Huff Post is an American news website that was created online for online users. This website draws a younger crowd and was created as an alternative to other popular news sites. See the liberal/left approach on Huff Post at