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HughesNet Gen4: What Is It?

If you’re considering satellite Internet for your home, you may be curious about the terms used to describe the service. If you’ve researched HughesNet satellite Internet, you might have wondered, “What exactly does HughesNet Gen4 mean?”

To put it simply, HughesNet Gen4 is a HughesNet-branded term that refers to HughesNet’s fourth generation of service. As leaders in the satellite Internet industry, HughesNet uses innovative satellite technology as a fantastic option for rural Internet.

If you enjoy the comfort of your small country town, HughesNet Gen4 is the best satellite Internet connection for your home. It’s always on, so you can get online easily with HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet. With faster speeds and incredible download capacity, HughesNet Gen4 will amaze you.

The satellite Internet advantage

There are plenty of advantages to the newest technology in satellite Internet, such as HughesNet Gen4.  Do more of what you like to do online with better overall performance in your satellite Internet service.

Do more

Get improved Internet performance when you use HughesNet Gen4. Better support for your favorite applications will help you surf the web the way you want.

Use the faster connection to watch videos, stream music online, or use social networking sites.  Multi-tasking is easier when you get dramatically upgraded quality from HughesNet Gen4.

Better download speed

With your improved download capacity, take advantage of web browsing. Share photos, play interactive games, and even play videos.

More data allowance

With HughesNet Gen4, choose a higher data allowance to download more music, upload more videos, and watch more online videos. Get HughesNet Gen4 as your rural Internet service and enjoy more data allowance than ever before.

HughesNet Gen4 Plans

HughesNet Gen4 has four different service plans, some of them up to 15Mbps.

1)      Choice

  1. Great for one computer at home
  2. Download up to 5 Mbps
  3. Upload up to 1 Mbps

2)      Prime

  1. Perfect for web surfing, emailing, and photo sharing
  2. Download up to 10 Mbps
  3. Upload up to 1 Mbps

3)      Pro

  1. Great plan for sharing and using social media or social networking
  2. Download up to 10 Mbps
  3. Upload up to 2 Mbps

4)      Max

  1. Good for watching videos and streaming music online
  2. Download up to 15 Mbps
  3. Upload up to 2 Mbps

HughesNet Gen4 for your home

HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. HughesNet Gen4 is a trusted service you can count on. HughesNet has invested $1 billion in satellite communications innovation and will continue to bring you the latest in satellite technology. As the largest consumer satellite Internet service in North America, HughesNet Gen4 is an excellent choice for your home.