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Great New Apps for Cooking

On occasion, everyone needs a little help in the kitchen. From master chefs to inexperienced newbies, the world of cooking and baking can be intimidating. Luckily, there are plenty of applications to use with your satellite Internet connection that can help anyone seem like a pro in the kitchen. By purchasing a wireless router, you can connect to your HughesNet high-speed Internet service from multiple devices – even in the kitchen!1 Get started today with these helpful cooking tips.

Use satellite Internet with your device

Take advantage of your high-speed home technology with HughesNet satellite Internet. When you connect your computer to a wireless router (which must be purchased separately), you can use HughesNet high-speed Internet in a lot more places throughout your home.

Take the Internet with you into the kitchen and fire up your oven. Start baking and cooking today with some of the greatest new cooking apps. Connect with great wireless devices – like a tablet or a smartphone – to get ultimate mobility in the kitchen.

Use ingredients from your kitchen

Download the Epicurious app for your wireless device and get great recommendations for a variety of dishes. The app features a sleek layout that allows users to select the main ingredient, the season and occasion, and your dietary considerations. The app displays results from over 30,000 recipes in its database, ensuring you have all the options you need.

Select the ingredients you already have in your kitchen to avoid any unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Get the Epicurious app on your Android device (free), Windows phone (free), iOS device (free), B&N Nook Color ($4.99), or Kindle Fire ($1.99).

Learn with illustrations

Use the How to Cook Everything app on your iOS device (available for $9.99) to get 400 super-helpful illustrations. This how-to book turned application covers pretty much everything in its search function: key ingredients, type of dish, cooking technique, and most popular dishes. Cater to your vegetarian friends’ needs, too, with the alternate veggie version.

Cook with your favorite TV chefs

If you’re a lover of the Food Network, there’s an app that’s perfect for you: Food Network in the Kitchen. View recipes from Food Network celebrities like Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown. Learn new tricks from the pros, filter recipe results by chef or ingredient, and create your own shopping list. The app is free on Android and iOS devices, but the awesome range of how-to videos is only available with iOS.

Flip through your cookbook with your voice

The iCookbook app allows you to keep your wireless device clean with a voice-command system. This unique feature recognizes your commands, so you can browse through recipes without tying up your hands or getting butter on the screen.

Prepare one recipe while you read directions for the next. Each month, you also get a free bundle of new seasonal recipes to try. Or browse their in-app store for more sets of recipes. Get the app on your Android device ($0.99), iOS ($4.99), Kindle Fire ($4.99), or Windows Phone ($4.99).

Plan out meals according to your budget

If you’re looking for a great way to plan a feast around your budget, MealBoard is it. Download the MealBoard app to create weekly menus and grocery shopping lists. It lets you choose a grocery store near you, so you can be conscious of the local food prices and how much you should expect to spend to make each recipe. MealBoard helps you save more money year round. Get it on iOS ($2.99).

With your HughesNet high-speed Internet service and the wireless router of your choice, prepare to impress your friends with your high-tech knowledge and new cooking expertise.

1HughesNet can be WiFi enabled, but a WiFi router is not included with a subscription to HughesNet. Wireless routers, purchased separately, are not covered by HughesNet tech support.