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Fun Facts about HughesNet’s EchoStar XVII Satellite

HughesNet launched their most advanced satellite yet –EchoStar XVII – into geostationary orbit in July 2012. And with the new satellite came a whole new generation of satellite Internet technology:  HughesNet Gen4.

Here are some fun facts about EchoStar XVII and HughesNet Gen4 satellite broadband:

EchoStar XVII is located at longitude 107° West

This meridian runs between the North and South Poles, crossing over Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico on its way. EchoStar XVII moves in geostationary orbit along this line: 22,236 miles above the Earth.

EchoStar XVII means faster satellite broadband . . .

EchoStar XVII provides HughesNet with better performance and faster speeds for HughesNet Gen4 – up to 15Mbps. Gen4 offers download speeds of up to 5 to 15Mbps. That’s comparable to many cable and DSL Internet services.

. . . so you can do more online

HughesNet Gen4 is equipped to handle almost anything you want to do online, from streaming to downloading to gaming. Catch up with your favorite TV shows online. Video chat with friends and family. Update your social media profiles. Listen to music, watch video clips, and more.

HughesNet Gen4 gives you greater flexibility . . .

With HughesNet Gen4 from EchoStar XVII, customers have more data – and greater flexibility to use it.

So it’s okay if you use the Internet for hours one day and not at all the next – with Gen4, it’s up to you.

. . . and more freedom

Choose from a number of different plans with HughesNet Gen4. Are you an avid Internet user? Get the Max or Pro plans – they’re great for everything from working from home to streaming videos.

Only go online occasionally? Choose a lower-speed, inexpensive plan like Choice or Prime.

EchoStar XVII expands HughesNet service

HughesNet already has more than 1.5 million customers. But EchoStar XVII brings HughesNet service to more places, increasing access to rural Internet across the country. And with EchoStar XVII, HughesNet is considering an expansion into India and Brazil.

Whether you use HughesNet for an urban or rural Internet connection, HughesNet Gen4, powered by EchoStar XVII, brings more speed – and better performance – to more places. Learn more about satellite Internet specials from our experts now!