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Learn To Use Pinterest In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you want to use Pinterest for your business or for personal reasons, such as planning a baby shower or birthday party, setting up an account and building out Pinterest boards can be done in 5 easy steps. Using your HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet service makes this even easier.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest account

When you create your Pinterest account, you can sign up with either Facebook or a personal email address. If you choose to sign in using your Facebook account, Pinterest can see your Facebook friends and let you know who is already using Pinterest. You’ll also be encouraged to invite your Facebook friends to join Pinterest.

Step 2: Pick and Pin your interests

Once you have an account created, start searching through Pinterest and “Pin” images and topics that appeal to you. Pin as much as you like! A Pin on Pinterest is like a digital stickpin that you would use to post things to a picture board.

However, you aren’t just limited to pictures. Pinterest has grown to include recipes, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, and more.

Following other Pinterest members and their boards will help populate your Pinterest feed on your homepage. Whenever you log in to Pinterest, new Pins from people and boards you follow will appear on your feed.

Step 3: Organize it all on Pinterest boards

Pinterest boards allow you to organize your Pins in a way that makes sense to you. For example, if you enjoy cooking, you may consider creating a Pinterest board that has nothing but recipes and mouth-watering food images.

Creating a Pinterest board is as easy as Pinning. To create a board, simply click on the plus button next to your profile picture. You’ll have the option of uploading a Pin, adding a Pin from a website, or creating a board.

You can also create boards that aren’t visible to others. This might come in handy if you are planning a surprise party and only want a few friends’ opinions and suggestions for ideas.

Pinterest also allows you to invite others to add Pins to your boards. These are called group boards. You can invite people and remove people or Pins. Group boards are great for sharing pictures from a recent trip, brainstorming a private event, or sharing things you want to keep among a small group of friends or family.

Step 4: Explore and discover

Pinterest also helps you find new interests with a full list of categories, including topics such as:

  • Animals
  • Fashion
  • Health & fitness
  • Gifts
  • Home décor
  • Kids
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Quotes

These categories can give you fresh ideas for your Pinterest boards and help you find new boards and people to follow. You can also do a simple search on Pinterest if you are looking for something more specific.

Step 5: Invite others to Pinterest

Inviting your Facebook friends and email contacts to Pinterest can help you discover new interests or things you may have in common. By following others, browsing through various Pinterest categories, or just searching for specific ideas, you can find creative and inspiring ways to approach any project in your life.